Your wages paid in bitcoins

It might seem far away but it’s much closer then you think. The web archive  shared on their blog that they will pay a part of their employee”s wages in Bitcoin. Apparently several employees asked whether they could and now in April they will partly introduce this.

It was always possible to Donate to the web archive in Bitcoins so this will be the next step. The web archive itself indicates that Bitcoin is becoming the local currency to the internet and they would like to help it by supporting Bitcoin.

For those who are not familiar with the web archive: they are one of the most famous non-profit organizations on the internet and are mostly known for two important projects. The first is the Wayback machine, this is a service where you can see old and often missing sites at several dates in the past. This goes all the way back to 1996. The second project is an archive of millions of videos, text and audio and is also actively working on the preservation of older material by converting these into digital versions. Take a look here for a vast amount of NASA photos and video’s.

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