Ordering pizza with bitcoins (US only)

Pizza for bitcoin

Pizza for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is starting to become more and more accepted as an valid payment method. Now a new start up called PizzaforCoins launched a simple site which allows consumers to order pizza and pay for it with the digital Bitcoin currency. The site was created by Matt Burkinshaw and Riley Alexander. You can go through a standard selection menu to choose options like crust type, amount sauce or cheese, choose from different toppings and other stuff like drinks are also available. Each item has an specific Bitcoin value.

When you have chosen the products you want, you can provide the address for delivery and make the required payment to the Bitcoin address specified by the site. As soon as the payment has been verified the order will be placed through domino’s official site and sent to the address supplied with the order.

Rather expensive but might be convenient

At this moment a typical medium pizza with two topics costs 0.56 BTC which is around 14$ with the current bitcoin/dollar exchange rate. In addition there is a 0.09 (2$) BTC fee which is added to the total price as an order fee. The total cost is quite a bit higher compared to ordering it in the regular way with USD but the ability to utilize Bitcoin for ordering pizza could be convenient for some people.

The pizza will be delivered within 35 to 80 minutes according to the site. I is however not yet possible to track the order through domino’s online order tracking tool.

In the near future they are planning on supporting Papa Johns an Pizza hut as well. They will also focus on driving the price down and plan to accept tips or donations for their work.

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