DDoS attack on litecoin mining pools

DDoS attack on litecoin mining pools

There is a massive DDoS attack going on against most of the LTC mining pools. Coinotron, litecoinpool, notroll and some smaller ones are all down. The only one still running seems to be Burnside’s pool: http://ltc.kattare.com/. According to allchains the network’s hashrate has gone down to 0,8 Gh/s which is nearly half of the record 1,4 Gh/s it reached last week. It is not the first time it happens but it seems to be one of the largest attacks in Litecoin history.

51% Attack

Luckily a big part of the LTC miners mine solo so the network keeps on going but there is a risk of a 51% attack against the network now most of the pools are down. The possibility of this depends on the hashrate of the attacker, if he can get more then half the hashrate of the network it could be split.  Since cpu mining litecoin is well doable a big botnet could be set up and a large hashrate can be obtained by one single person.

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