First Bitcoin Hedge fund launched

Since Bitcoin is starting to become popular for a faster and faster growing amount of people investors are looking for a legal way to invest into Bitcoin.

The ex-ante hedge fund based in Malta appears to be the solution to their Bitcoin Fund. Ex-ante announced the hedge fund in 2012 already but without too much publicity. Now there’s more attention for Bitcoin they decided to announce it with more publicity.

Making Bitcoin accessible for institutional investors

Even though everyone can buy and keep Bitcoin,  investors are limited by the terms of their charters in which cases they may invest. Ex-ante’s Bitcoin fund makes it possible for institutional investors and wealthy individuals to enter the growing Bitcoin market with licensed tools. The fund is regulated by the financial authority of Malta and provides the fund with a minimum investment of $100.000 with an subscription fee being half percent of the deposit. Investors and individuals from the U.S. will not be able to invest into the fund yet, this is because ex-ante isn’t yet able to comply with the complex rules which are required.

Bitcoin portfolio currently worth 3.2 million dollars

The 60 man strong team operates from Malta, Singapore and Russia. The Bitcoin sub-fund is registered in Malta and receives its funds through Citibank in London. The fund currently manages a portfolio of 3.2 million dollars and uses far going security measures to secure the stored Bitcoin. All private keys are stored in triple true crypt containers and the passwords are stored  in a vault at three different geographical locations using the secret sharing principle.

Anatoly Knyazev from Exante says: I hope that this hedge fund will be the first fund that uses all the advantages of Bitcoin. We are the first fund that invests in the economy of the next generation. In 2011 there were 500 billion transactions registered on the internet and to be successful we believe that we have to use the latest technologies. Bitcoin based on existing and new technologies is according to us the perfect addition to traditional payment methods.

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