Online Bitcoin wallets offline due to hacks

Three bitcoin wallets offline

Three Bitcoin wallets, named instawallet, Paytunia and Bitcoin-central are offline after they were attacked by hackers. Instawallet is temporarily closed due to the high amount of hackers. Since the world wide media attention for Bitcoin the amount of hack attempts have increased exponentially.

Instawallet, a digital wallet where users can park BTC will not open again until a new architecture has been developed, this they stated in a message on their website today. Users which want to keep their Bitcoins have to contact instawallet as soon as possible.  It is currently unknown if the hackers took any Bitcoins.

A similar message can be found on the Paytunia and Bitcoin-Central website. These two safes are managed by the same company. These services will open again later but it is stil unclear when. The department says that nothing has changes with the users balances. All users will get a notification 24h prior tot the service starting again.

DDoS attacks on Mt.Gox

Meanwhile, the biggest Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox is also under fire, they are struggling with DDoS attacks giving the trading engine and the transactions lag. Mt. Gox states that attackers are trying to manipulate transactions, they dump a lot of Bitcoins at a high price and lag up the trading system by DDoS to create a panic sell effect. After the price has dropped they buy Bitcoins again.

Bitcoins have been rapidly gaining value in the last few weeks, this explains the increased popularity of the crypto-currency amongst hackers. Mt. Gox has been  hacked in the past and also individual Bitcoin users have been hacked. In both cases BTC was stolen.

Litecoin Pools hit by DDoS

Also many litecoin Pools are hit by DDoS attacks today. Litecoin has become far more popular in the last few days, this is probably due to Bitcoin being in the media alot and because Mining Litecoin with a GPU is more profitable then mining Bitcoin. The bitcoin market is dominated by FPGAs and soon also ASICs.

Currently Burnside’s, Kattare, Notroll and Litecoinpool are down, the only one unaffected is Coinatron. This isn’t the first time that Litecoin pools are under DDoS attacks. It happens quite often. Hackers are probably trying to get the Litecoin price down by creating panic.

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