Bitcoin ASICs overview

Here is an overview of the facts currently known about Bitcoin Asic manufacturers. The only one is shipping at this time which is BitSynCom LCC with the Avalon V1 which seems to have worse stats then the others but is the only one available to the public at the moment.

Bitcoin Asic miner Avalon V1 from BitSynCom LCC

This is the only one shipping at the moment, it has low Watt to Mh/s ratio compared to the other announced devices but on the other hand it’s the only one being shipped. Even with the low stats compared to the other Asic devices it currently delivers a huge improvement over any mining device when looking wat the Watt to Mh/s and Watt to Dollar stats.

Bitcon Asic miner by friedcat on bitcointalk

There is currently not much known about this miner and thus I didn’t put it in the charts below. You can check the (huge) topic over here at bitcointalk.

Bitcoin Asic miner from bAsic

This device is supposed to ship in March, and if the specifications are right it is an very interesting device when looking at the Mh/s per Watt ratio. There has been no proof yet of the stats so we’ll have to see when they become available for us consumers.

Bitcoin Asic miner from BitForce (Butterfly Labs)

If the stats that they announced are true this is definitely going to be the best Bitcoin Asic miner out there. There have been speculations though about it all being a scam.

Device Gh/s Mh/s per Watt Mh/s per Dollar Price Power Usage (Watts) Shipping
Avalon V1 66  106  44  $1499  620 Febuary 2013
Avalon V1 Upgrade 22  146  44  $499  150 Febuary 2013
bAsic 36 36  701  60  $599  51.3 March 2013
bAsic 72 72  725  67  $1,069.99  99.3 March 2013
BitForce Jalapeno 4.5  1000  30  $149  4.5 Febuary 2013
BitForce Little Single 30  1000  46  $649  30 Febuary 2013
BitForce Single 60  1000  46  $1,299  60 Febuary 2013
BitForce Mini Rig 1500  1000  50  $2,9899  1500 Febuary 2013

Avalon V1 BitSynCom LCC
Bitcoin Asic miner from friedcat @ bitcointalk
BitForce from Butterfly Labs

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